Classic Packing believes creativity
                      is the key to success.

                      We have our own R&D department
                      with talented Julita Lau,
                      who was graduated from Northumbria University of
                      UK,as our Chief Designer.

                      With her experience and creativity,
                      our R&D team are not just packing you products,
                      but also decorating them.

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                      Cherry Lee,
                      as the Sales Leader of international business, who work
                      very closely with sales team to ensure high level of
                      professional service to meet the ever
                      changing of customer needs.

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                      Wenzhou Classic Packing, a professional
                      manufacturer specialized in packing
                      such as BAG(COSMETIC BAG,GLASSES

                      which was established in 2007,located in Wenzhou
                      City,Zhejiang provice,China.

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